Monday, September 23, 2019

Cows are out!

The last sentence I want to here on a college football Saturday is "Cows are out". My dad always says they get out more often on holidays and Sundays. What he meant was, those days that you try to step away from the daily grind of the farm. Seems to be true.

I will say, nothing gets me moving faster on a lazy weekend day than that sentence, "Cows are out." As I was settled in to watch some afternoon games in preparation for the big UGA - Notre Dame game that night, I got the call. Cows are out. The cattle in question are grazing a farm that fronts on Hwy. 101, a fairly busy highway where drivers travel fast. Cows are out on the highway provides even more pep in my step as I exit the house quickly to round up the bovines. 

Turns out one of those drivers ran off the road Friday night and drove right through the fence. They went right between 2 posts but wiped out all of the fencing in between. They took a quick joy ride around the pasture and then exited the new gap that they had just created. It was hard to notice from the road, but you can see the tire tracks in the photo. The cattle didn't even notice until midday Saturday. That's when two 850 lb steers decided to exploit the newfound fence gap. They were walking down the white line of the highway when I arrived. Two local police officers stopped traffic while I got the steers back in the pasture. It all ended well, but it always makes me nervous. The good news, I got the fence repaired in time to see the UGA game. GO DAWGS.