Monday, May 16, 2022

Spring into Harvest

Generally, Spring is thought of as a time for rebirth and planting. Trees awaken from their dormancy, and flowers pop from the ground. Many of us even head to the garden center to get a start on that summer garden. I enjoy spring for all those reasons, and one additional. For us, Spring is a time of harvest. During the mild spring temperatures and ample rainfall, grass grows at an exceptional rate. In Spring, grass doesn't have the blistering heat and drought of summer to deal with. For a window of time in spring weather is just perfect for grass. Of course, when there's an abundance you should put some away for later right. We make hay in the spring with all the extra grass. This hay will go on to sustain the livestock during the winter cold, and if necessary even during a summer drought.
In addition to Harvesting hay, I'll also argue for the virtue of the winter garden. With much less weed pressure to deal with (my favorite part), many crops do well in the cooler weather. We are currently harvesting carrots, kale, garlic scapes, and other leafy greens.