Monday, September 18, 2023

Clean out the Freezer

Most of the Turkeys will be leaving the farm this week... headed to "freezer camp"👀 . As happens every year the turkeys have been both challenging and rewarding to raise. They are curious, have tons of personality, and like to sit and poop on any piece of equipment we take into the pasture. You can see why I say rewarding and challenging. All in all, we love having them on the farm. The vibrant curious personalities add an element of livelyness that is definitely missed when they are gone. Around here loading the turkeys up for "freezer camp" is a sign that fall is upon us. It means the growing season is winding down and the lively spirit of the farm will start to slow down soon. That is the poetic ebb and flow of farm seasonality that I feel most drawn to.

In a more immediate sense, the departure of the turkeys also means that we need to make room in the freezer. In an effort to do just that we are making some deals on some things that are taking up a lot of freezer space at the moment.

  • Chicken Bones are on sale at a great price ($9.99) this is for 3-4 lb. It is perfect timing too, recent cooler weather means it's time to make broth for soups, etc...
  • Whole Chickens have been priced at 10% off. These are easy meals in the crock pot and provide plenty of leftovers. Have an easy delicious dinner and chicken for the kid's school
  • Wings are available discounted in 5lb bulk packs. Just in time for football season, make wings for the gathering.

You loading up on these items will help us out by making room in our freezer, which will give us the room we need when the turkeys come back. Another thing you can do to help is take delivery of your turkey a few weeks before Thanksgiving. As you can imagine, everyone pretty much needs their turkey at about the same time. It is hard on our delivery system and on our freezer space to try to deliver them all right at Thanksgiving. If you have the space to take yours early please let us know by replying to this email. They are not ready yet, but we could probably start delivering them in October.

One last thing: if you haven't reserved your turkey yet, you may want to go ahead and do so. The $30 deposit is listed as a product that you can add to your cart. We will take deposits until all birds are spoken for, but we do usually sell out so reserve yours today. The feedback we get on the flavor, moisture, and texture of these birds is as consistent as Thanksgiving itself.