Monday, March 15, 2021

This Week on the Farm

Farm life is not all work. We do get to break loose and have a little fun sometimes. This weekend the fun consisted of a Turkey Hunting trip with my number one sidekick, Atticus. Georgia opens turkey season a week early for the youth, and Atticus was able to harvest this old gobbler as his first successful hunt. We were in the blind well before daylight. I told him that we were there to hunt a turkey, but if we didn’t have any luck, we’d just enjoy the time together. Little did I know this whopper would come off roost about 75 yards away. It took a little patience and a couple of soft calls to bring him around the last corner, then Atticus dropped the hammer. We had a good talk about respecting nature, respecting wildlife, why hunting helps wildlife populations, and about using/eating what we harvest. Those conversations and the great memories are the best things to come out of any hunt, especially youth weekend. I’m pretty sure it’s a day this boy won’t soon forget.