Monday, March 8, 2021

Baby Turkeys are Here!

I know the lull of winter on the farm is over when we heat up the brooders and the first chicks arrive. We usually start with an early batch of Turkeys because they stay in the brooder for 2 weeks longer than chickens. This gives us a couple more weeks to get to nicer weather for them to be placed on pasture. We currently have 250 turkeys in the brooder, complete with multiple heat lamps, fresh water, and feed. They will live and grow quite contently in this brooder until 5 weeks of age. At that point, they will go out to the pasture pens. In the pasture pens, they will get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, as well as a fresh section of green grass and bugs daily. Like most everything we do, the distinction lies in the details of the production method. We believe in raising all of our livestock on grass, and poultry is no exception. The pasture improves the flavor, texture, and nutrition of the finished product, as well as the welfare of the animal while it's under our care. Pasture-Raised is not the same as "Free Range" or "organic", it's more important! It's a detail that we will not compromise, we hope you won't either.