Monday, August 31, 2020

Gobble Gobble

Yes, it's still close to 100 degrees nearly every day. Would it make you feel better if I told you its time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving meal? We have a gorgeous set of turkeys this year. In the past, they have been a little too happy on our pastures and as a result, grew too large. You live and learn ya know. This year we are weighing them each week so we can be sure to get table ready turkeys that are in our target range. We would like to have a bell distribution from 12-18 lbs. I think we will be able to do this with our more strict monitoring. Here's where you come in. They will be available in limited quantity, but you can now reserve one online with a $30 deposit. The overall cost will be $6 per pound, and we will deduct the deposit when the final weight is known. We will deliver on the week before Thanksgiving unless you would like us to hold the bird for a later gathering. The birds will be processed shortly before delivery and will be lightly frozen.