Monday, August 13, 2018

Ducks on the Pond

The Duck houses were finished last week and got moved out of my carport and over near the pond. We also got a feeder situated in such a way that the ducks will have free access and the cows will not be able to bother it. Once all that was done, it was time to move ducks. We loaded the ducks onto the cattle trailer and transported them approximately 1 mile to the pond. In the words of Ricky, a farm employee. "Those were the happiest birds I've ever seen." I think he's right. They took to the water immediately and have hardly been back on dry land. I have included a somewhat hazy photo, but there is a video that better captures the moment. Unfortunately, I'm having some issues with that video so I will have to post it later. I can say we are one step close to having duck eggs.