Monday, August 20, 2018

Turkeys at Sunrise

I've said before on this platform that the Turkeys are some of the most enjoyable animals to have on the farm. They have a personality and a curiosity that is unmatched by any other birds that we raise. A few mornings ago, I walked over to the fence just after sunrise. The turkeys had already come off their roost, but were at the far back side of the pasture. When they saw me they went into a full-blown turkey stampede. They were running toward me and making all of their pleasant noises, all with a beautiful sunrise in the background. (I couldn't resist the photo op.) I'd like to say they were coming to tell me good morning, but i really think they just thought I was there to feed them. Either way, it was a cool moment and a small example of why I enjoy raising these birds so much.