Monday, August 6, 2018

Kentucky Trip

If you remember back in May we tried out a new Amish poultry processor in Kentucky. We were really impressed with the quality of the work and have been looking forward to our next batch of broilers. Julie made the trip with me last time and we loved the Amish country and the whole area around that part of Kentucky. The community is largely dependent on farming, and that is refreshing. This time we wanted to share this trip to Amish country with the kids. We have seen the buggies traveling the roads, the cloths drying out on the line, and the little boys in suspenders riding their bikes. We even stopped at a few road side markets for some food for the weekend. At one such market a nice Amish lady was totaling our purchase. I mentioned that we also farm. She said, "I thought you all reminded me of farm family". As we left that farm stand, I told Julie that in a funny way I feel kind of validated that the Amish lady picked us out as a farm family. haha. We have had a great weekend with the kids exploring some new country, and this morning we will be headed back to Georgia with a couple of freezers full of chicken for you to enjoy.