Monday, July 2, 2018

Turkey Time

I know it doesn't seem possible, but it is time to be raising turkeys for Thanksgiving. Actually our turkeys are one month old and just got moved out of the brooder and onto pasture last week. Turkeys are a little harder to raise than chickens as babies...actually they are a lot harder. However, as they mature they become more hardy and grow out very well on pasture. The roost you see in the background is our own design. Its lightweight and portable nature makes it great for raising these birds on pasture, as we move them around the pasture regularly. It gives the turkeys a place to roost up off of the ground, which is their instinctual behavior. If you have followed my emails or blog for a while you know my affinity for raising turkeys. I feel like the farm is more full of personality when the turkeys are here. It's really nice to have them back on our pastures.  We should be able to start taking pre-orders on thanksgiving turkeys next week.