Monday, June 18, 2018

Beach Time

Our little family had a great time of rest and relaxation at the beach last week. Thanks for stocking up and allowing us to miss a week of deliveries. The batteries are recharged now and we are ready to get back to work. We look forward to seeing you at your local Delivery location, or bringing your order right to your door. 
I always give y'all a window into how we do things on the farm, so let this week be no different. Here is a glimpse into our beach time.
Julie - Loves the beach. A great vacation needs nothing more than family, a nice beach, and some good seafood.
Jersey(8) - Our resident surfer girl. She will spend hours on end riding waves on a float, or boogie board. She also befriends any somewhat similar aged girls on the beach. Its so nice to see her with the confidence to introduce herself and develop conversations with new and different people. 
Atticus(5) - Historically not a beach person. He doesn't like the sand or the saltwater. He'd rather be at the farm. This trip was no different...until the last day. He finally got in the water and started jumping waves. As he came out of his shell he had lots of fun the last day. 
Wren(2) - Gonna be a lot like her sister. Loves the sand and playing on the beach. Still a little intimidated by the water (thankfully). 
Me(Chad) - As a dad the most fun was watching the kids play in the sand, grow with new experiences, and overcome their own internal fears. (Julie and I both observed Atticus stand facing the ocean and very slowly inching toward the water.  With a very intent look on his face we heard him talking to himself saying, "I will defeat you". It was precious.) I also enjoyed spending time with Julie and riding a few waves myself. The quintessential beach moments for me are napping on the beach under the umbrella, and eating a good fish taco on a deck. I got to do both of those things. It was a great trip.