Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Jersey is 8!

Our little Jersey girl turned 8 years old this weekend. This sweet girl is smart, funny, beautiful, sincere, kind, generous, and motivated. And, as you can tell from my description, she has her daddy's heart right in the palm of her hand. Eight years ago on a Thursday morning, I was making a delivery to the Alpharetta/Roswell location when I got the phone call that Julie was going into labor. I quickly called my dad and he drove my truck to the delivery location. He finished my deliveries while I headed to the hospital. Yep, we got a baby and nobody missed their delivery.  If you were there that day, thanks for being patient with us. I'm sure I was a wreck. (Even though I assured Julie there would be no problems because I had delivered lots of calves.) As any of you that have children know, our lives changed that day. We now have three and can't imagine life without them, but Jersey was the first, she was the Trailblazer. I think we are supposed to be training her (and we are doing our very best). In a way however, raising her and her siblings is training us. It's training us to be gentle, yet stern. To be a good example because they are always watching. To push them toward big achievements, but hug them when they fail. To be kind in a world that some days doesn't seem very kind in return. I hope I can excel in my training, thereby allowing her to excel and create the best life possible. That's what we want as parents, the best life for our kids, but there's no road map to get us there. We just continue training and trying to make good decisions day by day. Happy Birthday Jersey, and thanks for all the lessons.