Monday, June 12, 2017

Growing Up a Farm Kid

One of  the pleasures of my life is being able to watch my children grow up on our farm. There are certainly things about farm life that make it more difficult than a "normal" lifestyle. However, sometimes they have the opportunity to go to a  birthday party or similar function, but choose instead to hang out under the pecan tree or play in the creek. It's those times that I can feel their roots just sinking into this land. Throughout their life, they will get to see the ups and downs that farm life has to offer, but I pray they will always have a deep respect for the farm itself. They will see the hard work and dedication that is required everyday to nurture the land and the animals. They will also see the harvest that the farm provides as a result of our care.  Yes, they have some space to run around, but a farm is more than just open space.  A farm is a place where you plant seeds, seeds of work ethic, seeds of responsibility, seeds of hope, seeds of innovation, seeds of creativity, seeds of wonder, seeds of science, seeds of integrity, and seeds of humility. Even with all that seed planting going on, there's still time to hangout under the pecan tree or play in the creek. 
Jersey & Atticus Carlton having sibling time under a pecan tree
All the Carlton Farm Kids
(Left-Right) Ty, Wren, Atticus, Jersey, Box & Sarah