Monday, June 19, 2017

Supporting Local Farms

When I first started delivering our farm products into Atlanta, over ten years ago, one thing stood out. The people that I met had to travel many miles to purchase the various locally grown items that they wanted. It would typically go like this: A customer would come get milk from me, then say they had to drive to the other side of town to get their beef, and 5 miles the other way for eggs,  and the opposite direction for good vegetables. To me it seemed like we should be able to make this more efficient. For one, we needed to produce more stuff in order to make the deliveries make more sense. So we added eggs, then beef, then pork, then turkeys, and now finally chickens. There were still other things that being requested that I didn't produce, and we didn't feel like we could maintain the quality we wanted if we spread ourselves to thin.  So, our thought was, lets work directly with other farmers in the area that do things that we don't do. We quickly developed relationships with several local farmers that are excellent in their own right. We at Carlton Farms still provide the Meat, Milk, and Eggs. But, it is with great pleasure that we offer Honey, Cheese, Butter, fruits, vegetables, cultured products, nuts, olive oil, and wild caught fish, seasonings, grits and deodorant from other vendors that are all striving to produce the best products possible. In fact we are so proud of working with these folks that we created a "Producers" page on our new website. Please take some time to read about these good folks that we work with. We are all working hard to bring you the best food available. We are also happy to say that eating local is much easier that it was ten years ago. Now we can even deliver it to your doorstep. From all of our producers and from Carlton Farms, thanks for supporting local farms. 

Beans at Beech Creek Orchards