Tuesday, June 6, 2017


It always amazes me how life is in a constant state of change. In our little family, the addition of each child has changed the whole dynamic of the household. As each of us grow and change, that dynamic continues to evolve. Each step is unique, so we must constantly adjust our sails to be able to capture and enjoy the essence of the moment.  It's such a pleasure to get to spend time with these children and watch as their lives unfold before our very eyes. I hope we are able to teach them that change is inevitable, but by using a solid foundation, they can chart their course and still adapt to any change that comes their way. 
Wren Carlton (15 Months)

Running a farm is not much different than running a family. It sometimes feels like another child, and often demands time that you would rather spend with your spouse. The change on the farm is everpresent. It not only comes in the form of changing seasons, and the cycles of life that are all around us. It also comes from the evolution of the farm over time. My Grandfather started milking cows in 1946, and he made home deliveries with his fresh milk. He soon went away from that model, and sold his milk to a creamery. Over the next 60 years, the landscape of the industry changed. Selling to the national co-op was no longer feasible, so we adjusted our sails. Here we are, over 10 years since we started selling milk directly. Today we announce that we are now making home deliveries. I guess sometimes change brings you right back to where you started. 
All the Carlton Farm Kids(L-R) Ty, Wren, Atticus, Jersey, Bax, Sarah