Monday, January 30, 2017

We're in the Home Stretch

Wow, what a weird past few months it has been. We had the worst fall drought that I can remember, and yet we had rain and 70 degree sunshine for most of January. The drought caused us to feed more hay, and to start feeding it earlier than ever before. Normally we are able to manage our pastures so that we can graze cattle until the first part of December, but this year we were feeding hay in September. The mild weather in January however, caused our late planted cool season grasses to take off. Most of the cool season grass is for early spring grazing, but the mild weather helped the pasture grass as well. The greening up of winter pasture in January helped curb the hay feeding slightly, it was a welcome sight. So after navigating the weather roller-coaster that has been the past few months, Imagine my surprise (and joy) when i saw this seed box on my porch that had been delivered from Johnny's Selected Seeds. My first thought was, "It's way too early for that". But then I realized January is almost over. That's only one month from March. Which is pretty much spring. We are indeed in the home stretch of winter, but the way this year has been we can never tell what Febuary may have in store for us. Either way, I am giving myself permission to start getting excited about spring being just around the corner.