Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Keynote Address

I have been asked to speak to a few small-medium sized groups in the past few years. I do not consider myself one of the evangelical farmers that will wax poetic about my farming methods. I simply want to produce really excellent food for people that believe in the way we do things. The food is good enough that it sells itself, and I'm just not in the business of telling anyone how they should tend to their business. So usually the speaking request is for me to tell the story of Carlton Farms. That happens to be something i know, and something i'm very passionate about. I do not have folks beating down my door with this type of request, and I can't command a speaker fee that would make it a worthwhile effort. However, I do love to tell our story. As a result, the request is usually accepted.

A couple months ago I was asked to speak to the Annual Meeting of Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors. These are the folks in government that are actually trying to promote conservation practices and teach landowners how to better manage their soil and water resources.  This is not "edge of your seat" content for the general population I know, but for farmers it's pretty useful stuff.  I have a few friends that work for this organization and I admire their work, so I said yes. The plan was for me to be one of the break-out sessions. ok...no problem.  Imagine my surprise when the they came back to me and said "They looked at your website and were so impressed they want you to be the keynote". uuumm...ok. I quickly asked him what they wanted me to speak on. He said they just wanted the story of Carlton Farms. wheew. So, I am busy trying to put together the most polished version of our story yet. Wish me luck. 
If you want to read the website version of our story click here. I will try to find a cool way to share the presentation here next week. As a teaser, the story will definitely include:
  • Carlton Farms started in 1919
  • Milked cows there every day since 1946
  • Almost broke in 2000
  • Agritourism/Corn-maze
  • A chance encounter with a Raw Milk Enthusiast 
  • A devastating tornado
  • Threat of our milk being dyed charcoal grey