Monday, June 7, 2021

Chicken Season

As you probably saw above, chickens are back in stock. You may ask, "Why were they out of stock?" The answer is, "Because we raise Chickens seasonally." As a society, we have grown pretty accustomed to having what we want, when we want it. But that's not really what we do here. We work with nature to allow the farm to provide what it will, during the season that is appropriate. We raise our chickens out in the pasture, where they can enjoy grass and bugs daily. Since they can't do that in the winter, chicken is a 3 season product for us. We start with baby chicks in the early spring, and get additional chicks every other week till fall. The Chicks that we first started this spring spent a couple of weeks in the warm brooder before being transitioned out to pasture. They have enjoyed several weeks of lush spring grass, bugs, worms, and some non-GMO feed. Now they are back from the processor and ready to be enjoyed by you.