Monday, May 31, 2021

Harvest Time

The last couple of weeks have been extremely productive. On a farm, there's always a lot of work to be done. Most of the work is leading up to a culmination of some sort, a harvest. Most of the time we are preparing for the harvest. The planning and preparation are necessary, but don't bring any production or recognition. The planting of the crop or daily tending of the animals is the grind. Those are the things that must be done daily. But still no product, nobody pats you on the back and says "You really did your chores well today." Then comes the harvest. In most farming enterprises the reward is received at the end. It's like the reward for all of your work comes in at one time. It's interesting. Not necessarily good, or bad. Just interesting... and rewarding. It's most rewarding when several farming projects culminate at once, like they have in the last couple of weeks. We have harvested a few hundred rolls of hay from fields that we have tended all spring. The young turkey poults that arrived in late winter are now almost fully grown and are on pasture in their final phase of grow-out. And the first batch of 2021 pasture-raised broilers will be going to the processor tomorrow. It's an exciting and busy time. We enjoy the planning, the preparation, and the chores. But the harvest, and knowing that we will be able to share the harvest with you is what makes it all worth the effort.