Monday, June 10, 2019

Busy Week on the Farm

Let me share this weeks agenda of pretty exciting stuff.
  • We have been looking for another delivery van. It turns out refrigerated vans are in high demand during the summer (who knew). We were able to find a nice used van with low miles, but it is around Ft. Myers Florida. We are now working out who will get to go fetch the van.
  • Broiler Chickens go to the processor on Friday. I should be able to bring some of them home for next weeks delivery. This is the first batch of 2019 broilers and they are currently online for preorder.
  • Turkeys chicks (poults) arrive on Thursday. These will eventually be the beautiful pasture raised birds that will grace our Thanksgiving table.
  • Broiler Chicks that are currently in the brooder will be ready to go out to pasture this weekend.
Whew... I'm tired already. It is a busy time of year on the farm, but we wouldn't want it any other way.