Monday, December 14, 2020

Update on my Friend Greg

A few weeks ago I asked you all to consider lifting my friend up in prayer. Greg Casey is the only other dairy farmer in our county. We've become good friends over the years. He is a "salt of the earth" kind of person. He is kind, generous, and hard-working. Unfortunately, COVID doesn't care about any of those attributes. Greg is one of the people in our society that, for whatever reason, was really hit hard by the virus. He is still at Emory and is still on the ECMO machine for lung and heart support. He is fighting hard. When the nurses facetime his family he is able to blink his eyes in place of communication. The most recent report was that they were able to set him up on the side of the bed for a few minutes. We are thankful for any and all forward progress. He has a long road ahead. We are also thankful for your continued prayers.