Monday, October 12, 2020

Van Problems

They say when it rains it pours. That has definitely been the case around here when it comes to mechanical breakdowns. We have 4 vans to run 3 routes. Theoretically, we have a backup. However, lately, they have been going down in 2's. A couple of weeks ago the Mercedes and the Ford both were down for a few weeks with major issues. Fuel related problems for the Mercedes and a transmission replacement for the Ford. I was like, dang, that was bad. We eventually got them back on the road and felt whole. I felt like we had weathered the storm. That is until this past Friday. On Friday afternoon the transmission in the Dodge went out, and a belt broke on the Chevy causing it to run hot. Hopefully, the Chevy is quickly repairable, because the Dodge will most likely take some time. Whew, this is a challenge. We will make every effort to not allow these hurdles to interfere with the delivery schedule. This isn't the joyful story you've come to expect in this spot, but I vowed to use this space to give you insight into what's happening on the farm. Right now it seems like these breakdowns are all that's happening.