Monday, March 4, 2019

Carlton Farms is 100 years old!

Carlton Farms is 100 years old! Much has changed, and much has stayed the same. We want to celebrate this year, and we want to share that celebration with you. We want this celebration to honor the generations that provided our foundation. I plan to do that by posting a series of articles about our history and the achievements of previous Carlton's. We want this celebration to be commemorated with happy times. We will do this by hosting get together's at the farm. I'm thinking cook-outs, pot-luck's, live music. Maybe 2-3 of these throughout the year starting probably late spring or early summer. More details coming soon. I hope you all can come.And, of course. We will be offering 100-year special offers. Discounts on products to thank you, our customers, for helping us make it to 100 years.