Monday, February 25, 2019

Birthday Celebrations

We are celebrating a birthday. This precious little thing is now 3 years old. Happy Birthday, Wren Alafair Carlton. Julie and I are now proud owners of a 3,6, and 9 year old. It's funny how I associate some delivery route story with each child. I think it shows how you, our customers, have become intertwined in our lives over the years. It's not surprising though, I believe the relationship between a person that values quality food and their farmer is special. As such we are happy to have shared many of life's biggest events with you in one way or another. Allow me to share a few memories.

  • When Julie went into labor with Jersey (our oldest), I was in route to our delivery in Roswell. She called and informed me that she was headed to the hospital. I called my dad and he started to Roswell. I went ahead and helped customers until he got there. I remember telling everyone that we were about to have a baby, and how quickly I left in my dads truck. I headed to the hospital and he finished the route. I made it in plenty of time to be with Julie as we welcomed Jersey into the world. I'll never forget all the encouragement we received as new parents from all of you.

  • The day before Atticus was born the brakes went out on our delivery truck. I made a late night run to Atlanta for parts and was able to get the truck repaired so it would be road worthy for the next mornings delivery. I remember walking in the house after 2am. I was in bed by 2:30. At 3am Julie got up and walked around a bit. A few minutes later we were in the car headed for the hospital. Before 6:30 we had a baby boy.

  • Wren, our baby girl, was the most agreeable of the 3. She was born on a day that no deliveries were being made or prepared. We canceled deliveries that week so we could be together as a family. Many of you took that opportunity to drive out to the farm so we could sell the milk that would otherwise have been discarded.

We feel like our little family is complete now. We are having fun watching and helping them learn and grow each day. Thank you for being part of our lives and for being a Carlton Farms customer. As always we are proud to be your farmer.

On another note, our farm also has a major birthday this year. We are turning 100. Next weeks article will be a breakdown of how we plan to celebrate. Hopefully, you can join us in our centennial celebration.