Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Preparing for WInter

Preparing may be the wrong word. By now we had better be prepared. The turkeys are mostly harvested, although we did hold some back to have processed in a few weeks. Our idea with those is to have a ground turkey and cut-up parts. More on those new products later. I do still have a little corn to harvest hopefully, it's dry enough later this week to do that. When those projects are done, the farm will take a giant collective sigh. We will then go into winter mode. There is still plenty to do, but the pace does slow down a bit. It's not only a time for physical rejuvenation, but also a time to read, strategize, and get rid of some of the mental angst that clutters our minds in a busy production season. I hope you all are able to recharge and reset this winter season. As we do, I will be sharing our ideas and plans for the farm right here.