Monday, September 17, 2018

Getting off of the Farm

Normally, I'm perfectly content to spend most of my time here on the farm. Things that require me to leave the premises are usually considered a hindrance to whatever "progress" I was trying to make. Sometimes there is actual progress, sometimes it is me telling myself that. Either way, it winds up being frustrating. I would almost always like to be driving a tractor when I am actually driving my truck.
However, sometimes an opportunity presents itself that I'm glad to leave the farm for. I recently had the privilege of taking Jersey and her cousin Ty kayaking. We all had some limited experience, but we are not experts by any stretch. We paddled an easy 3 hour stretch of the Etowah River near Rome, even stopping to have lunch on the bank of the river. Jersey and Ty learned to stand in their boats and even spent a lot of time swimming. As for me, I enjoyed watching them and I don't think I thought about driving a tractor once. It was a really good day.