Monday, February 12, 2018

Reinforcements are Coming

There are many issues that work against us as we try to produce free range eggs in the winter. I have written about those here in the past, so i won't dwell on the details. Suffice to say: Chickens don't feel motivated to lay eggs when the days are short and cold. 
However, there is one thing we can do to insure that we will have winter eggs. We should always have a batch of young chickens going into the winter. Young chickens, not unlike other species (cough, cough, humans) are not as wise as their elder counterparts. Young hens are more willing to lay egg through the winter with only a slight seasonal decrease.
Despite our efforts last fall, we were unable to get chicks when we wanted them. They got started late and have not been able to contribute to the cause this winter. As a result we've had an egg shortage for the last several weeks. However, time marches on, and now these new young chickens are almost ready to start laying. Notice, I did say almost. they still need another two or so weeks of growth. So for now, continue to make sure you order your eggs. Soon these new hens will ride into production like cavalry mounted reinforcements and we will win this war on winter eggs.