Monday, September 12, 2016

Turkeys are Growing Up

I've mentioned this before, but we just love raising Turkeys every year. They bring a different personality to the farm and always catch the eye of any visitor. They are very social, and always come to greet us as we enter the pasture to feed and water them.  We have developed our own mobile roosting system (see pic) so that we can move them around the pasture to fresh grass every few days. They start their journey as little chicks (called poults), arriving here at one day old in the early summer. They spend a few weeks in the brooder, where we can keep them safe and warm. Then they go out to pasture where they spend the next few months living free with plenty of fresh air, sunshine, grass, bugs, and non-GMO feed. As we start to see them mature into adult birds, we know fall is around the corner. Their journey is not complete yet, they still have several weeks to enjoy the farm.  Make sure one of these birds is able to finish its journey as the centerpiece of your thanksgiving meal.