Monday, March 2, 2020

Signs of Spring

As I write this on March 1, I want to share my thankfulness for the signs of spring that have been all around the farm this week. After a long wet winter, the sunshine, the tulip poplar blooms, the baby lambs, and the green grass were all welcome sights. Our daily tasks often get bogged down in the immediate weather challenges that are right in front of us. A soggy wet winter is no exception. Any time someone asks "Whats your favorite season?" I always respond with "I like this one, and I'm looking forward to the next one". Each season has its own beauty and effect on our spirit. On the farm each season has its own challenge, but the real beauty is in the cycle. When we've had about all we can stand of the cold, or rain, or heat, or drought, the next season offers a welcome reprieve and a glimpse of the next beauty to come. The key though is to make the most of this season. Do those things that this season was meant for. Then when the next season comes along you will be able to embrace it. One of my favorite sayings that I try to live by is "Be where your feet are". There is no point in wishing you were in a different season. The seasons come in their own time, But you can be the best version of you in the current season. Be where your feet are.