Monday, March 30, 2020

Normal in the Face of Chaos

It seems like nothing is "normal" these days. I don't really know how to process the world right now. If I let myself think about it too much, anxiety starts to creep in. I enjoy twitter. That's where I get a good deal of my news. However, when I found myself living there I soon realized it wasn't healthy and had to pull back. I also enjoy numbers. However, watching confirmed case numbers and fatalities click upward like a score on a pinball game IS NOT HEALTHY. There are people that have to be engrossed in those details because it's their job, and God help them. But for me, and probably most of you, it's not healthy.

For the past couple days I have tried to find some normal. I know very well that times aren't normal. I just wanted something to fix my mind on that would give me a sense of purpose, or maybe even just busyness. Either way, something to occupy my mind and body that doesn't include talk of a virus. I've found this to be very helpful, and somewhat cleansing to the soul.

I moved cattle onto a new grazing pasture and started 800 chicks in the brooder getting them comfortable and happy. I tried to till the garden (it's still a little wet) and cleaned some farm equipment. You'll have something different I'm sure. Whatever it is, try to find yourself a little normal in the face of chaos.