Monday, February 10, 2020

Our Farm Friends

One of the most satisfying things we have been able to do over the years is work with other local farms. Years ago when we started delivering to Atlanta, we only produced milk. Customers wanted other farm products so we diversified into eggs, beef, pork, and later lamb, chicken, turkey, and duck. Having all the meat, milk, and eggs covered from our farm, we notices that there were still other products that customers wanted fresh from the farm. Our plate was pretty full, so we kept our eyes open for like minded farmers that were producing things complimented our offering. Of course we make sure they grow their products the same way we would, clean with no poison. Over the years we have developed friendships with some of the best farmers/people in our region. We have seen several of them build their farms, and some even start from scratch. Take a moment to reflect on that. Because you trusted us to produce and find great farm fresh food for you, other small farms have literally sprung up in our region. It fills me with joy to know that my work is truly a Win-Win-Win situation. You Win by getting access to wonderful farm fresh food that can be picked up or delivered to your doorstep. We Win by being able to make a living doing what we love and continuing our 100 year farming family tradition. Our Farm Friends Win by being able to start a new legacy with access to a market that appreciates their hard work and products. Overall the entire community/region wins by having more of this agrarian activity stitched into the landscape. Thank you for taking the time to spend your hard earned dollars where they make the most impact, locally. we appreciate it, and all of our farm friends appreciate it too. Click here to visit our producers page where you can see many of our farm friends.

Corey Ellison of 411 Farms had the cabbage tucked in tight under
"low tunnels" this weekend during the snow.