Monday, May 1, 2017

Making Hay!

Make hay while the sun shines. That's the old adage. To extrapolate that out into more generic terms, don't procrastinate doing something when the conditions are right. The implication is that the conditions won't be right forever. It's a pretty good rule to operate by in the abstract. Here at Carlton Farms, we try to abide by that rule in the figurative sense, but also in its quite literal sense. We knew rain was coming in sunday night and monday, but there was grass standing in the field that need to be stored in the form of hay. So, we devised a plan. Some of our team cut the hay down on Friday while I was on a delivery route. I raked the hay on Saturday with Atticus in tow. Then I baled and wrapped on Sunday (I normally do very little on Sunday, but remember... "Make hay while the sun shines"). All together we put up 63 rolls of hay that we will use this winter. It seemed that a number of things worked against me this weekend, and I lacked about 10 bales getting the whole crop wrapped when the rain started a few hours earlier than forecasted. I'll be wrapping those 10 bales this afternoon and we will have a portion of our hay crop complete, all because we made hay while the sun shined.  Now we can wait on another few days of sunshine to do it all again.