Monday, June 8, 2020

Cleaning Garlic

The nine month process of growing garlic is almost complete. Today we will be cleaning up the cured garlic you see in the picture. The cleaning process just means making it pretty and ready for your kitchen. We will trim the roots, cut the stalks, and brush off most of the remaining dirt. The work was done over the last few months, but the sense of completion that comes from putting a finished product on the market is one that never gets old. I've been asked to speak to several farming groups over the past few years. We often talk about how our farm has changed over time and evolved with changing markets for 100 years. Sometimes I am talking to perspective farmers, or farmers that want to start direct marketing their products. I give them several points, but there is one that I say is the most important. This is it: "Grow something and sell it." That's the most important point for 2 reasons. It does get the flywheel turning for their business, and that's important. It also allows them to experience this feeling of harvest and completion that I mentioned we are feeling with our garlic. If you are born to feed people, that feeling will take root in your soul.