Monday, September 9, 2019

Pasture Fire

It's Hot, Dry, and Dangerous out there folks. I was eating dinner on Saturday evening when I got a call saying one of our fields was on fire. Knowing how dry everything is, I knew this had the potential to get bad in a hurry. I literally jumped from my seat at the dinner table and ran out the door. One of our employees, Ricky, was already using the front loader on the tractor to try to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately, he wasn't having much success. I called 911 as I was getting out of the truck, but another passerby had already called in, and fire dept had been dispatched. Wayne pulled in about the same time I did. Wayne is a neighbor, friend, and most importantly at this moment, a firefighter. He was able to communicate with the fire department via radio to make sure they were sending the right truck and let them know that no structures were in danger. They were able to fairly quickly extinguish the fire and total damage was probably less than an acre burned. It would have spread fast though in the super dry grass. Thanks to our firefighters, and firefighters everywhere for being ready to spring into action at a moments notice. Every day brings a different challenge on the farm. Be safe out there.