Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring on the Farm- part 2

Nothing Beets Spring Grazing. We are right in the midst of the early spring grazing season. All of the animals are taking full advantage. As a cow person, not much makes me happier than a field full of knee deep grass being grazed peacefully by this magnificent herbivore. It's almost magic. The way they can ingest grass (that we cant digest), digest it in their rumen with the help of billions of microbes, and then turn that into life giving milk and wonderfully healthy grass fed beef. This image is the picture of health in more ways than one. Yes, this grazing produces wonderful products that are good for our health. Our health increases when we eat food from animals that spend their days in a symbiotic relationship with nature. It's that relationship that not only makes us healthier, but also makes our environment healthier. Those green blades of grass absorb and store the suns energy. The cow consumes the vegetation, produces meat or milk, and fertilizes as she goes. Truly beautiful. I would even say a society that is willing to embrace the simplicity of this cycle would be a healthier place to live.