Monday, April 15, 2019

Chicks, just in time

Brooder number 2 is up and running just in time. We started 800 broiler chicks last week. In another 2 weeks, they will be ready to go out to pasture. We are currently building their pasture shelters. Hopefully, those will be ready "just in time" also. Does anybody else inflict this kind of torture on themselves? This is how the process goes. I know we need to finish XYZ (in this case finish the brooder and pasture shelters) before we can start a project (in this case a bigger batch of broiler chickens). My solution... go ahead and order the chicks. Somehow, with the chicks now one week from arrival the brooder that we'd been working on for three weeks can get finished in a week. Pasture Pens will almost surely be finished in two weeks. I guess it's urgency, or motivation, or (the way my Dad says it) lighting a fire. You probably will not find any business books written about it, but I do find it effective.