Monday, October 29, 2018

Working Boy

Let me set the stage. On Saturdays, our regular farm help has the day off (Ricky deserves a day off after working hard all week). We have a Local teenage homeschooled neighbor, Jonathon, that fills in on Saturdays. Jonathon is a wonderful, joy-filled kid that loves agriculture. He feeds all the animals, collects eggs, and keeps the farm in order on Fridays and Saturdays. It's nice to have a responsible young man to help out, but it's even better to have a young man that can be a positive example for my boy. I think we all need multiple examples of how to live positively. On Saturday, Atticus asked, Can I Help Jonathon today? Knowing Jonathon would be a good example, Julie and I said of course. They worked together for a few hours picking up eggs and delivering feed. Atticus walked in later in his work clothes a little dusty and dirty, and with a big smile. I realize it was the first time he had worked on the farm without being my sidekick. I hope he always remembers that you can walk in after a hard days work with a smile.

I'm so thankful my kids get to challenge themselves with age-appropriate jobs on the farm the way I did as a child. I'm just as thankful that we are able to have good folks working with us on the farm that create our village.