Monday, April 23, 2018

Moving Chickens

One of our chores this time of year is moving chickens to fresh pasture. These broilers are young, fragile, and not particularly smart when it come to survival skills. That's why a system where they are free to explore an entire pasture would lead to many well fed predators. I designed this housing system a few years ago and it works quite well for us. The shelter had to accomplish 3 goals which were:
1)Allow the birds to be moved to fresh pasture daily. 
2)Protect the birds from predators.
3)Protection from Georgia weather: Shade, Ventilation, Wind 
The daily move takes two people. One to drive the tractor in super slow gear, and another to walk behind the chickens to be sure they move forward and nobody gets hurt. Each house contains 200 chickens and can be moved to fresh pasture in about 10 minutes. The first batch of 2018 chickens has a mid-May processing date scheduled and will be available for delivery the week of May 21. We will go ahead and make them available online to pre-order for that week. Enjoy!
An enjoyable view, watching the chickens explore and
graze on there newly allotted section of fresh pasture.