Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Tires and Green Grass

As an update to last weeks post, we got new tires for Atticus' little tractor. He was excited to help install them, and very proud after the fact. I hope this is the start of many evenings tinkering. We soon found that without a flat it rolls really well, as he promptly rolled it down the steep back driveway when I wasn't looking. Luckily it is rolled off the drive and came to an uneventful stop, causing no damage. I am posting this here for a few reasons. 
1) I think some of you are genuinely interested. 
2) I'm proud of this little boy, and I want to share some of his farm experiences as he grows into a young man. 
3) I want yall to be my "accountability-partner" on this tractor project. If you don't see an update for a couple weeks, feel free to inquire. I work best under pressure. Rebuilding the carburetor is next on our list. 

Meanwhile, the grass is growing and absolutely beautiful. Due to last fall's drought, we haven't seen good grass growth in 7-8 months. It sure is a welcome sight. Grass is the primary tool we have to do what we do. We can manage by in a drought and through a winter, but it just feels right to be making grazing decisions. Which pasture should we graze next? Which one should we hold back for making hay? Which pastures are we going to run chickens in this year?  etc...  It's those questions that we feel define us as a farm. So, please forgive me if I get a little hyperbolic about the grass growth.