Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Grass is Growing

Traditionally we would not have better grazing in January and February than in the previous 5 months, but obviously this is no traditional year. Spring grazing is shaping up nicely, despite the month listed at the top of the calendar. 
As you read this Julie and I will be about to return from a long weekend away, far away from the 70 degree Georgia February. We agreed not to buy each other a Christmas Gift this year, instead we (with the help of babysitting grandparents) decided to take a trip... just the two of us. It's hard to leave the kids, but we haven't done this in a couple of years so we thought it was time. Besides, I can't stay away from the farm for too long, so a short trip is all any of us could handle (grandparents included).  So where are we you ask? We decided to check off a bucket list item and snowmobile through yellowstone park. The forecast calls for no temps above 23 for the duration of the trip, and it's gonna be 11 when we arrive. I guess I'll have a little encounter with winter this year after all. Hopefully the grass will still be growing here in Georgia when we return. Either way, hopefully we'll come back with  plenty of pictures and a cool story to share here next week. 
Jersey's Sheep and Atticus's Calf enjoying the new grass. Even though it looks as if they are mad at each other in this pic.