Monday, May 30, 2016

Theme of the week: Water

Sometimes the troubles and frustrations of farming seem to share a theme. This has been one of those weeks, and this weeks theme is water. 

First and most obvious: We need rain. Pastures are already getting parched, young corn plants are thirsty, and hay fields need to regrow. The whole farm is dusty, so bring on some rain.

Second, a nonfunctioning well is much more important when the wet-weather creek stops flowing. We rent several farms around us, and one rather large farm that we rent for grazing cattle has a well.  There are a few small creeks that run in wet weather, but dry up in the summer.  The well has been out for few weeks, but we knew the cows had water in the creeks...until they didn't. We have been hauling the water daily and fixing the well jumped to the top of the priority list. 

Lastly,watering chickens in a mobile coop...(insert eyerolling emoji): We got the chickens out on pasture in the new mobile pasture coop last week. Like many newly finished projects, its wasn't totally finished. I had a great design for a watering system, but it was still in my head.  So we went out to pasture with the intent of continuing to water the broiler chickens with the small fountain waterers that we had used in the brooder. Let me tell you, 200 broiler chickens drink a lot of water when it hits 90 degrees. 

So, in between hauling water to the cows and hauling water to the chickens, We did find time to finish the chicken watering system. I'm glad to report that it is working well (facebook pics coming tomorrow).  The well house has been cleaned out, the top has been removed, and tools have been gathered. Work on the well will commence in the morning. as soon as we finish hauling the cows some water.  

Moral of the story: Finish projects completely, Do what you know needs doing, and pray for rain!